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OUT NOW !!! Banished by H.C. Brown + Excerpt and links

For lovers of dragons, true love and magic.....
The Dragonsong Trilogy.

Banished to the Singing Forest for witchcraft with only her cat for company, alone and desperately afraid Thalia sings to her dream lover, in the hope someone, anyone will help her. 

Lumos enjoys the favors of many women until his dragon hears the Dragonsong of his mate. Consumed with passion for the girl who haunts his dreams, he leaves home to search for her. 

Nothing goes to plan and he falls into a devious trap set by a dark wizard to destroy all of his kind.

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 Dark Magyck -Released 14 August


                                                         Shadow Walkers Released 4 September                                                                                             

Excerpt: Banished

The Kingdom of Broclarre

halia of Broclarre struggled against the guards, her movements as useless as a sparrow in the mouth of a cat. Her shoulders burned, and tendons stretched to the limit threatened to rip from her bones. These men cared less if they tore her arms from the sockets. The hard-faced soldiers, gripping her so cruelly, were unfamiliar and not the usual palace protectors. These men wore the uniform of the king’s elite militia.
“I banish you from the Kingdom of Broclarre, never again to set foot in my kingdom by threat of death.” King Garro lifted his chin, sitting back on the golden throne. “As I have declared this day, so shall it be done.”
In the hallway, an angry crowd had gathered to hear the king’s proclamation. The masses had fallen silent to stand waiting like buzzards over a dead lamb. One of the guards restraining Thalia swore under his breath, and dug his strong fingers cruelly into her arms.
She yelped and turned to face her father.
“Banished?” She stared at King Garro. “Father … please… What have I done to displease you so?”
“Speak no more, witch. Think not to cast a spell over me for I know your wickedness.” King Garro struggled to his feet. His hand rested on the hilt of the gold dagger at his waist. “I took you into my house, treated you as my own, and you repaid me with death.”
Aghast, Thalia gaped at her father in disbelief. “Is that what you believe…? That I had a hand in killing the queen?” She stared at the king’s ashen face. The lines around his mouth cut deep, turning his expression bleak. Had he lost his mind with grief?
Beside him, the High Priest stood erect, his lips curled in a vicious smile. Thalia glared at the man in the crisp white robes. “Did you fill the king’s mind with these lies? I would never hurt my mother.” She met her father’s daunting expression. “I could never do harm to anyone. I am a healer. Ask anyone in the village, I help people.” She pointed at the High Priest. “There! There stands the evil in this palace.”
“To think my dear wife had compassion for your sorry soul.” Garro shook his head slowly. “Her belief a wholesome upbringing would prevent the evil magyck rising in a demon’s seed was the error of a gentle, childless woman.” The king ran a hand over his face. “And she paid with her life.” His black gaze traveled over Thalia, and he gave a snort of disgust. “No more will you breathe the same air as my people.” He punched a fist into the palm of his hand. “If I had not given my word to uphold Brea’s dying wish to set you free, I would have taken your head this day.”

Pain tightened in a wide band around her heart. Confused, she met the king’s enraged expression. The man’s piercing blue eyes looked on her with contempt, disgust, and hatred. The only father she had ever known curled his large hands into fists. This angry man had once loved her, taught her how to hold a bow, and to gentle a horse. Gods help me, now he wants me dead.

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Welcome Alex Carreras

The StepbrotherAvailable 22nd July

  $4.21 $3.15 - Pre-order here 
When Fletcher Crawford returns to his hometown of Sarasota, Florida from New York City, he feels like a total and complete failure. At his mother’s insistence, he applies and consequently gets a job at Ericson Industries as a managerial assistant/slave boy for a woman who seems to be out to get him for no apparent reason. The only perk of the job, besides the paycheck, is being able to work closely with his high school nemesis who also happens to be his high school crush … and future stepbrother. Of all the people his mother could marry, why did it have to be the father of Erik Ericson who grew up to be super successful, have the looks of a Greek god, and is basically running his father’s company while he is making wedding plans with Fletcher’s mother?
But one thing remained the same after all these years, Erik was still a dick… A dick Fletcher wouldn’t mind getting to know better.
Reader Advisory:  This book contains steamy sex scenes between two men with stellar bodies. Consider yourself warned.


“Come in,” Fletcher heard from the other side of the door. Doing what he was asked and closing the door behind him, Fletcher took a few tentative steps and stopped in the middle of the expansive office that was tastefully decorated with a streamlined modern flair. His back to Fletcher, Erik was dressed in a gray suit that showcased his lean but still muscular six-foot-one frame.
“Take a seat,” Erik said, gazing out the window onto the small park behind the building that was dedicated to the memory of Erik’s grandfather who started the company over sixty years ago.
Fletcher had chosen to eat his lunch on a vacant bench, there, yesterday, instead of facing the inquisitive stares and hushed whispers of the employee cafeteria. He hated being the center of attention, unlike the man he was staring at at the moment.
Selecting one of the two seats in front of Erik’s oversized mahogany desk—the only piece of furniture that appeared to be an antique in the room—he sat with perfect posture and waited, dropping his book bag onto the floor beside him.
“Did you have a good night—” Erik began as he turned around to face Fletcher. He stopped midsentence and an unexpected laugh escaped him. “At ease, Private,” he joked. “This isn’t a court-martial. I called you in here to help me out with a something of a delicate nature.”
Fletcher relaxed but only slightly, easing against the back of the chair. “Couldn’t you ask Miss Trible?”
A slow smile spread across his lips. He appeared seductive and downright sexy, his blue eyes breathtaking. Erik shook his head ever so slightly. “I believe you to be a much better candidate.”
“Okay,” Fletcher said, hesitating.
Fletcher watched, as Erik extracted a black velour bag no bigger than the size of his open hand from the top drawer of his desk. Walking around the desk, Erik tugged the silk rope-like cord of the bag open. “Do you mind standing?”
“No,” Fletcher said, almost in a daze. As he stood, he kicked his knapsack.
Erik noticed. “Haven’t seen one of those in a long time. Brings back memories.”
“I thought I would get a more appropriate briefcase after I get paid. You know how it is.” Fletcher attempted to explain his lack of funds,but he doubted that Erik ever felt the pinch of poverty. The man had never been poor a day in his gilded life.
“Mm,” he responded, focusing on the contents of the mysterious velvet bag. “I have something to share, but you have to promise that this will stay between us. If you can’t, I’ll have to ask you to leave and we will forget all about me asking you in here.”
“Is it a wedding gift?” His curiosity piqued, Erik attempted to peek in the bag, but Erik covered the opening.
“You have to promise me.” His voice was a throaty growl.
Swallowing away a lump of lust that had formed in his throat, Fletcher nodded before he even knew he was nodding. “Promise,” he croaked.
Erik’s face relaxed and his eyes glinted with mischief. “I bought this gift for a special friend, but I’m worried I got the wrong size. That’s where you come in.”

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After Jackson Moon’s rock star Dom, dropped him for a woman, he enjoyed a variety of Masters. Big Doms, hairy Doms, the spankers, the edge players had relieved his itch, and his need for domination, but he craved that connection again, the special bond with a Dom that went way past trust.

He wanted a Dom to love him.
The way Rogue had.

That special connection that took a sub on a flight of sensation so intense, he never wanted to land, but when he did, he could find love in the strong arms of a man he could trust with his life.

Rogue had loved him, cared for him—left him—crushed him.

What would he do when Rogue walked into Club Depravity? How could he breathe in his scent and survive without him?



Chapter One

Jackson Moon ran his thumb through the condensation covering the glass of water and stared at the reflection behind the bar at Club Depravity. The crowd on the dance floor bounced as one to the heavy metal music thumping from the speakers set high in the ceiling. Reflections from the gaudy mirrored sixties glass ball twisted the men’s smiles into gruesome masks under the colored flashing lights. He looked away, disinterested in blatant displays of happiness and swirled the ice around the glass watching each piece melt away into oblivion much like him of late. Loneliness surrounded him in a crowded club how stupid was that?
Fine, he’d helped his twin brother, Joel, pack his belongings and move into the new home of Reef Anderson, a fucking rock star, and the delectable Master Rhys who happened to be the owner of Club Depravity. Oh yeah, his vanilla virgin twin had stolen the heart of not one but two prime ass Doms and was doing the happy ever after scene. He rolled his shoulders. I’m not jealous.
Although of late, his life as a house sub had become meaningless. In fact, he could pinpoint the exact moment his life had gone straight to hell. It had coincided with the return of his friend, Shayd from overseas with news his old Dom and heartbreaker, Rogue. The lead singer of Alpha Rock would be arriving back in town. He swallowed the lump in his throat and rubbed unconsciously at the ache surrounding his heart. Oh yeah, being dumped by his longtime lover for a woman had sent him into a spiral of self-doubt. He’d seen it happen to other subs and recognized his fall from a rock star’s arrogant sub to the sorry ass on the bottom of the pile of house subs.
At first, he’d enjoyed the variety of Masters. Big Doms, hairy Doms, the spankers, and the edge players had relieved his itch, his need for domination, but seeing his brother so happy with his Doms had made him remember a time he wished he could forget. Joel’s Doms doted on his twin and the scenes his brother had described with them—man they blew his mind. He wanted that connection again, the special bond with a Dom that went way past trust. He wanted a Dom to love him.
The way Rogue had.
That special connection that took a sub on a flight of sensation so intense, he never wanted to land, but when he did, he found love in the strong arms of a man he would have trusted with his life.
Rogue had loved him, cared for him—left him —crushed him.
What would he do when Rogue walked into Club Depravity? How could he breathe in his scent and survive without him?
“Hey, Jackson. Wanna play?”
Reluctantly, he turned his head to inspect the Dom standing beside him. Yeah, he could do the respect thing but he did not intend to do a scene with anyone. Dropping his lashes, he shook his head. “Thank you for asking, Master Dave, but I’m already booked. Maybe next time?”
Dave melted into the crowd at the sight of Shayd strolling toward him. He drew a sigh of relief, although the sight of Rogue’s brother made his stomach drop. They were alike in many ways, the arrogant walk and tip of the head, but Shayd had a voice like dark chocolate, and Rogue had the sexy rasp of a lead singer.
“Well, don’t you look the picture of misery? Point out the Dom who mistreated you and I’ll teach him a lesson in respect.” Shayd slid onto the barstool beside him his eyes flashing with menace. “Talk to me, boy.”
“I’m not your fucking boy, Shayd, and we have been friends far too long for me to call you Master so back off.” He took a long drink of water, licked his lips, and slid around on the barstool to face him. “No one has hurt me. Do you honestly believe I would get myself into any situation I couldn’t handle? I’m not Ben. By the way, how is my innocent cousin handling your dungeon?”
“He is amazingly versatile and willing to try anything.” Shayd waved at the bartender for his usual Scotch on the rocks then turned his attention back to him. “He is more like you than you give him credit for and he has a streak of arrogance I like.”
Wonderful, another love match made in heaven. Excuse me while I gag. “I’m glad you’re getting along. Now, why are you here, Shayd? You should be with Ben not hanging out with me.” He caught the stiffening of Shayd’s shoulders and waited for the ax to fall.
“I’m here to talk to you about Rogue.” As Shayd swiveled to face him, his leather pants creaked. “Why haven’t you returned his calls?”
Anger walked a path up his spine and he snapped his head up to glare at him. He forced out words between clenched teeth. “Back off. You are not going there.”
“Yeah, I am.” Shayd closed one large hand around Jackson’s arm. “I have been dancing around on the sidelines for long enough. Neither of you will discuss the breakup. It’s eating you up and affecting Rogue, which fucks up Alpha Rock and that sure as hell makes it my business. He hasn’t written a song for two fucking years and can’t without you. The band is losing its identity by constantly recording other people’s material.”
Jackson snorted and rounded on him. “Like I give a flying fuck about Alpha Rock. If I wanted to write songs, which I don’t right now, I’d be writing with Reef Anderson, not fucking Rogue. Like, I could be in the same fucking room with that cheating asshole, let alone create a hit single with him.” He pushed Shayd hard in the chest, but he didn’t loosen his grip. “I thought you were my friend? Obviously not. Get the fuck away from me.”
“Why did you split up with him without a face-to-face is all I want to know?” Shayd dragged him off the seat and toward the dungeons. “You are going to fucking talk to me if I have to tie you up for a week.”
Jackson pulled back and slapped him hard across the face. “Yeah?” He turned to the bartender. “Get Rhys, now. Tell him I’m in trouble.”
“Right, call the boss man or is he an in-law now, he’s screwing your brother?” Shayd shook him hard enough to make his teeth rattle. “All I want to do is to get to the bottom of this. Look at you. You’ve lost weight and you don’t give a fuck about anything. How long since you did any work?”
Shaking with fury, he met Shayd’s troubled gaze and swallowed hard. He had been so damn pleased to see him return from the UK and now he wished he’d stayed there. Over his shoulder, he caught sight of Rhys barreling toward them with an expression hewn out of granite.

“Let go of Jackson—now!” Rhys set one large hand on Shayd’s shoulder and glared at him nose to nose. “What the fuck are you doing, man?”

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Available everywhere very soon.

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Rohan Knight thinks all his birthdays have come at once when a sexy blond twink hits on him. He has searched for a delicious man like Cael all his life.
The problem is Nox, King of the Fae, sent Cael to discover who is using magyck unlawfully in the Nomag realm. When Cael finds Rohan is a rogue Pride shifter with ancient magyck, he must use all his powers of persuasion to lure him back to the safety of Other World.


The Great Book of the Prides – Entry by King Blaise of Knight Watch.
There is great speculation that another of our brothers is living in the Nomag realm. Nox came to me with news this day that he has sent Cael the Bronzed to observe the young male believed to be the only son of my cousin Anu and his mate Talia. The male has magyck abilities far beyond most Pride. He will become a danger to our existence if we are not able to bring him home.
Cael has offered to remove him and take him to Other World to monitor his abilities before we welcome him into our realm. He is an unknown quantity, but I am confident Nox will guide him along the correct path, and we will welcome him home soon.

Chapter One
Nox twirled the crystal goblet in his fingers admiring the way the blood-red wine made by the Pride and called Miza coated the glass. He inhaled the rich aromatic fragrance and lifted his chin to meet Blaise’s worried expression. “Have no fear, I have sent Allure the Fair with Cael as brothers they are well equipped to handle a naughty Pride cub. Cael is well versed with the Nomag world and will fit in very well, have no fear.”
“I hold grave concerns. This male has been living alone in the Nomag world since he was a baby, he will not accept our ways or our laws.” Blaise snorted. “You told me how violent the Nomag race is and how they are little better than the scum that live in Druik Void. I cannot in all good conscious allow him free reign in any of our realms.”
“Do you honestly believe he could overpower the magyck of the Fae?” Nox leaned back in his chair and sighed. “We have known each other a long time, Blaise, and it is time you trusted me to deal with this problem.”
“The male is Pride.” Blaise paced up and down the room in an annoying fashion. “He is my responsibility.” He flicked him a long violet gaze. “You have enough trouble pleasing Hawke to deal with this.”
Lady’s blood, he had never seen Blaise so distraught. He smiled. Indeed, Hawke had allowed him a full share of his mate Lydia but he must make frequent returns to Other World to renew his powers. “I please myself, Blaise. Neither Hawke nor Lydia are my mates. I wish sometimes they were, but I am destined to have only Allure and a female yet to emerge.” He smiled remembering his evening with his lovers. “They both understand my time with them is temporary and I must return to Allure.” He refilled his goblet from a glass decanter on a polished side table at his elbow and turned back to Blaise. “Cael alone is more than capable of dealing with Rohan. He has had him under his watchful eye for six months or more.”
“Six months and you only inform me now?”
“Do sit down and I will explain.” Nox sipped the Miza holding the delicious liquid in his mouth a few moments before swallowing. “You do remember the time Rio went to the place the Nomags call London? He went to destroy the threat and came home with a mate?”
“Yes, and I do not have a problem with my memory, Nox.” Blaise sat in the chair opposite and raised one dark eyebrow. “This Nomag world is on a different continent, so how did you find him?”
It would seem, you are a child still, but then I am five hundred summers old. “I have the ability to feel magyck, and some Nomags process a little but have no knowledge of how to access that part of their minds, rather like some of you.” He chuckled. “However, I can see magyck as you see the wind blowing through the trees and know from which way it hails. The moment, I returned to Other World, I had Fae scrying in the direction from whence it came and after some time we found Rohan.”
“Do go on, I would like to know why, as we are such close friends, you decided to keep this information from me?” Blaise poured a glass of Miza then glared at him. “This is not like you, Nox, what are you hiding from me?”

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Rock' N' Leather & Highlander in the Mist place 3rd in Comp

So excited that two of my books placed in the Easychair Bookshop Competition.

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RELEASE DAY PARTY- Taming His Pup by H.C. Brown

When Ben Moon visits Club Depravity with his cousin and house sub, Jackson, he doesn’t know his quiet life is destined to change forever.

Shayd, the bad boy lead guitarist for the rock band, Alpha Rock is back in town. He is looking for a nerdy twink to take to his dungeon and Ben is just what he craves. Using Jackson as his go-between, he seduces the vanilla nerd and trains him to become the sub he has always craved to collar.

Reader Advisory: Fasten your seatbelt for a ride on the wild side.


Angular fragments of light flashed in the world of darkness behind the silk blindfold. The delicious scent of warm, musky male intoxicated Ben Moon, and sent a shiver of anticipation through his jaw. He pulled at the soft leather strands securing his hands to the headboard, and pushed his throbbing cock toward the Dom pinning him to the bed with his muscular body. The man’s nipple rings grazed his aroused flesh sensitized by every movement over his body. A moan of needy desperation garbled in his throat under the fragrance of exotic male and wild leather, coaxing him to the edge of climax. Pleasure-pain scored a path over his flogged buttocks, but he wanted so much more. He wanted this man, over him, under him, in him.
He wet his lips and ground his hips against the thick cock pressing hard against his thigh. The Dom’s second-skin leather pants hid nothing of the size of the prize he craved to taste. A deep chuckle rumbled in his Dom’s chest. Peppermint breath caressed his face, and an inquisitive tongue traced a devastating path across his lips. He raised his chin to capture his elusive mouth. The need for his kiss tingled along every nerve ending and spiraled downward to curl around his balls. “Please. I can’t take any more.”
His Dom closed his hot mouth over one tingling flat nipple. His Dom used his teeth to torment the tender bud into a tiny peak before moving to the other. Ben arched into him wanting the pain.  Bite me. Please bite me. His Dom moved his damp flesh over his belly in a tantalizing slide. Trapped in darkness, he quivered at the unexpected touch of his warm hand palming him as if testing his arousal. A strand of his sleek hair brushed the fleshy crease between his belly and standing cock. His Dom teased the tip with the pad of one thumb circling over the dewy slit. He gasped, hovering on the brink of orgasmic delight.

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Millionaire Zack Daniels erotic dreams about an 18th Century English Lord who once owned his house, leads him to search for more information on Alexander. His information sends him to the wine cellar to search for a secret passageway.

The next moment, he time slips to 1775 and comes face to face with the man of his dreams.

Available iTunes and Barns and Noble.


Zack Daniels tangled his fingers in his lover’s mass of blond hair and dragged him to his mouth. He ran the tip of his tongue over his soft lips and kissed the corners of his smile. He understood their time together was limited and slid Alex’s willing body over him. “Ride me.”

“You, good sir are the most unconventional man I have ever had the pleasure of bedding.” Alex dropped long lashes over his remarkable blue eyes and wet his lips. “Although, it would seem you, my love, are doing the bedding.” He eased his slippery hole over Zack’s aching cock and sat up moving this way and that to drive him insane.

His gaze moved over the man’s handsome face, the long curls cascading around his shoulders, and down his pale torso. He gripped his small rounded hips enjoying the smooth flesh under his palms. He craved this unique person every waking minute. “I’m going to ride you to hell.”

“Please do.” Alex’s full lips curled into a smile.

He rolled his hips, driving deeper into paradise. Flames of passion licked his balls and curled deep inside him. Emotion rolled over him, and he clung to him, needing to be so much closer. He inhaled his lover’s fresh, musky scent, and dug his fingers into his white skin enjoying his sweet moans of delight. To fuck a man from a different time and teach him the many ways one can pleasure another and have him so willing to learn had been a dream come true.

So close, so close, the pleasure built sending heat flowing up his throbbing shaft. He gasped and lifted his hips to drive in deeper.

He heard knocking somewhere in the fog of desire, followed by a familiar voice of his assistant, Will Johnson.

“Alex, it’s past eight and the auction starts at ten. “ The curtains opened flooding the room with light. “If you plan to bid on that painting, you must get up.”

With a groan of denied release, Alex gazed at the catalog propped up on his nightstand. The cover held the image of an 18th Century portrait of Lord Alexander Swift. His attention went to the handsome face, his sad eyes and drifted down to his full tempting lips. God damn it, he could still taste his lips, and the scent of him lingered on the bed linen. He had to have the portrait of his dream lover no matter what the cost. With a moan, he tossed back the covers and slid from the bed. He ran his fingers in a caress across the catalog. “I’ll see you soon Alex.”