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Release day: Nox by H.C. Brown - Excerpt and links

Pride Brothers 9
H.C. Brown

A hilarious and heart-warming romp filled with magic and true romance.

After the Lady sends Nox to rescue a female destined to be his mate from the forbidden realm of Anina, Nox wonders if the creature is a baby Swamp Troll. The unusual being, covered in slime and hurling obscenities at him and Allure the Fair turns out to be NYC Detective Sky Barrymore.
Faced with the challenge to romance the angry spitfire, Nox and Allure must forget magyck and rely on their charm to win her love or lose the chance of having a life mate forever.

Reader Advisory: This Paranormal Romance contains a feisty New York Detective trapped in a strange world with two deliciously wicked Fae, intent on luring her into their bed.

Sitting in the forest to trap a Troll or a Time Nymph was not Nox's idea of a perfect way to find a mate. In fact, this female could be a diversion. Rules of magyck did not apply in a forbidden realm, where the gods placed all the strange beings incapable of following rules. Never mind, he had faith the Lady would guide his hand soon enough. He had waited four hundred summers, so what was another few hours or weeks. At home in Other World, he had much to occupy his days and nights. He smiled thinking of the males he planned to invite for a weekend of unbridled lust.
“Get your mind on the job at hand.” Allure’s voice stirred in his head. “And, remember. Do not use magyck in her presence. I fear she will go quite mad again.”
Nox chuckled. I am dressed as a Nomag to soothe her mind. I am hardly going to spread my wings and fly away now, am I?
Leaves rustled and branches cracked. Nox lifted his attention to the edge of the clearing. His muscles tensed in anticipation. One hand went to the knife in his belt. Without magyck, he would at least have to act like a Nomag in her presence. His eyes widened in disbelief. The creature staggering out of the forest was no female. He flared his nostrils then sucked in air to catch a whiff of the beast’s scent. Gods, she had come from the bowels of hell. Rank, putrid odors accosted his nose, and his stomach rolled. He sniffed again recognizing the smell of the creature crashing toward him. Allure, is that what attacked you? That is not a Time Nymph, that my friend is an infant Bog Troll.
“Hmm, she does look much smaller than I recall. She is female by the size of her breasts but very small for a Troll. Mayhap she was abandoned by her tribe?”
Nox examined the Troll with interest. Adorned with a liberal smearing of mud, its hair stood out from a pink and red spotted face. Green eyes flashed, and the angry little thing barred its teeth at him. His gaze traveled down the filthy slime covered body to shapely legs with the most amazing irregular shaped pale spots. He could not remember seeing a Troll with such dainty feet or red toenails. Allure, you did not mention she was one of the spotted variety. I believe they are quite rare.
“I did not notice her spots. I was too busy ducking her attack. She is the ugliest creature I have ever seen, even for a Bog Troll.”
She carries a foul odor and getting close is going to be difficult, I can feel her agitation. Nox chanced a glance up at Allure. What do you suggest?
“Feed her but not the hot chicken. Trolls are very partial to ham.”
Nox reached into the saddlebags and cast a spell to produce a small leg of ham. He waved the meat at the female and spoke in Trollonese. “Come here, little one. I will not hurt you. Have you lost your mother?”
A croaky voice came from the creature in a gasp. “I don’t understand a word you’re saying. Do you speak English?”
Nox blinked. English? The words he recognized as Nomag speech although somewhat different. He dropped the ham into his saddlebag and inclined his head. “Aye. It would seem I do.”
The Troll remained some distance away, her gaze darting from one place to the next as if assessing a suitable escape route. The smell of stagnant water wafted toward him and he wrinkled his nose in disgust. He caught a glimpse of annoyance in her eyes and forced a smile. “Have you lost your mother?”
“My mother? Have you lost your frickin’ mind?” She stomped toward him. “Cut the crap and tell me where I am. I’m a police officer.” She poked one finger on a metal brooch on her belt as if it should impress him of her status. “Detective Barrymore LAPD.”

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Big Brother is watching every kinky move they make.

 If you love delicious alpha heroes, sizzling sex scenes, high stakes adventure and a little bit of time travel this story is for you.

A hot, sexy adventure that will keep you turning the pages right to the end.

After Deon’s Artificial Intelligence module breaks down, Arjun must travel back to the future to collect the alloy he needs for the repair.

To gain access to a probe due to land on Amun 2 in the next few days, he must volunteer as a Dom in an experiment in multiple partner male-on-male sex run by the Klebs.

Arjun discovers the Klebs are using the “experiment” as an excuse to run a live feed BDSM porno channel around their world and gives them a performance they will never forget


Rhy groaned around Mason’s enormous dick. The pain in his ass surprised him and he could not remember Arjun’s rod being so thick but the moment he moved incredible sensations surged up his nerve endings. With his mouth and ass so full, so deliciously hot—he was in heaven. Mason tasted so good. With each thrust of his hips, his shaft slid over his tongue like silk. His handsome lover’s familiar scent filled his nose, driving him insane with desire. His large, warm hands cupped his face, his thumbs made wide circles on his cheeks. I love you so much.
Pinned so deliciously between his men, he rocked on his knees, meeting each thrusting cock. He dragged his teeth up Mason’s shaft and then swirled his tongue over the top. His mouth filled with the taste of him and wanting so much more, he sucked harder, encouraging him to fill his mouth with his seed. Let me drink you. Come for me, Mason.
His hole pulsated around Arjun’s thick cock. His Master’s magnificent shaft stretched him to the limit. So hot, flames of desire lapped at his balls with every deep plunge. You are so good at this, fuck me harder. The room echoed with the sounds of lovemaking, the slap of flesh on flesh.
“You are so fucking tight.” Arjun thrust deeper. “I’m going to ride you all night long.”
Arjun grasped his hips in his long fingers and changed the angle of his thrusts. With each delicious plunge, his hardness slid over his pleasure spot. When Arjun drove in and ground his hips, Rhy fell into erotic euphoria. With Mason deep in his mouth and Arjun riding him so hard, sizzling sensations grazed his nerve endings. Oh, my God. He shuddered. Too fast, I’m going to explode again. The room folded and he screamed a muffled release.
Arjun’s thick cock demanded more and he rode him like a man possessed driving in deeper with each hard shove. Rhy panted around Mason’s cock, his arms trembling with the effort to support him. Mason pulled back a little and he looked up at him.
“Am I hurting you?” Mason pushed the hair from his face.
Rhy shook his head and drew him deeper into his mouth. Mason closed his hands around his face and rocked his hips.
“I am going to fill your mouth. Drink me down.”
Oh please, fill me both of you. Rhy rocked back meeting Arjun’s thrusts.
“That’s right, push back.” Arjun began to increase his thrusts. “You are so fucking tight. Take all of me, every inch.” Arjun gave one more hard push and filled him with wet heat.
They came seconds apart, filling him. He swallowed Mason’s sticky treat and wished he could have come along with his lovers. Maybe next time. A trickle of sweat ran down his cheek and dripped off his chin. When Mason slipped from his mouth, he collapsed face first on the damp sheets.

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Release Day! Bite Me by H.C. Brown +Excerpt

At last the Pride Brothers are back. Join me in a world of magic, cat shifters, hot sex and deep love. The next story in the series, Nox  (Pride Brothers 9) is due for release on 16 June 2017.

Pride Brothers 8
H.C. Brown

Cat shifter, Prince Heath of Knight Watch enjoys dominating his lovers and using the whip. Although, surrounded by highly erotic males, he has not been able to find a suitable mate amongst his kind.
 He extends his search to the Nomag—human—world and by using illegal magyck kidnaps Callum.
 Heath must introduce Callum to his strange world of cat shifters and BDSM lifestyle, then hope his delicious lover will fall in love with him.

The Realm of Teal

Prince Heath of Knight Watch ground his teeth and glared at Nox, King of the Fae. “Why do you come here, you have Hawke if you need a male to pleasure you? You know full well, it is not in my nature to submit to anyone, not even you.” He snorted. “Methinks you need my brother, Zandor or perhaps Rio to grace your bed again.”
“I am not here to offer you my cock, and it is true, I do have Hawke but not for long. I will be returning to Crystal Mountain once Lydia has delivered Hawke’s son. They are not my life mates, and my magyck grows depleted stuck in Dryad for so long. Like you, the Lady has not yet blessed me with a mate, and it is time I found a female to produce my heir.”
Anger welled, and Heath tossed his head. “I have tried many females. None will ever please me, so if you are here to change my mind, think again. I prefer males.”
“This fact is well known and to your advantage, because by taking a female to your dungeon you would break the Lady’s rule.” Nox inclined his head observing him with a green, intense gaze. “For me, leaving Hawke to seek my destiny will be difficult.”
“Hawke will be in despair of you leaving, he holds you in high regard.” He rubbed his chin. “Has living with Lydia soothed your path into accepting a female as a mate?”
“I have enjoyed females for over four hundred years, but for me it is difficult. Females become confused around me. My scent is different to others of my kind, hence my preference for a male companion. They are less complicated.” Nox narrowed his green gaze and stared at him. “Methinks the Lady will choose a Nomag for me as punishment.”
“Why so?”
“It is a long story. Needless to say, in my youth, I did not understand my power over females and angered the Great One. These many years since, on His orders, the Lady has punished me by not offering me a mate, but when I return home, I will ask her once more for Her forgiveness.”
Heath rubbed his chin. Nox had not spoken to him with such candor before, and he wondered why he had arrived unannounced. “I wish you luck, but you do have Allure the Fair, a most devoted lover waiting for you at home. You should be grateful. I have a lizard for my companion.”
“The Teal are devoted to you, and in man form are good lovers. Yes, I care for Allure the Fair but have not seen him for some time and know he misses me. We have after all lived together for centuries, but the Lady sent me to ease Hawke’s way. Now he is content with Lydia my work is done.” Nox straightened and looked at him down his long, straight nose. “I am here, not to seek your bed, Heath, but to warn you. Tampering with the rules may cause a problem between you and your king. I know Blaise well and as the Lady’s Champion, he will abide by Her rules. Iknow you plan to bring a Nomag into your realm without permission. I can read your magyck and know you have dream walked to make your mark on him as a potential mate. King Blaise is fully aware of your scheme. I suggest should you decide to break the sacred rule, go to Blaise and beg him not to kill this Nomag.” He sucked in a deep breath. “If you mate this human before you seek permission, he will be executed, and then you will live your life alone forever.”



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The Pride Brothers Are Back!!!!

To celebrate the return of the Pride Brothers Series, with BITE ME due for release on 28 April, I will be:

1. Giving away 3 copies of #1 in the series: Her Purr-fect Seduction

2. A Luminosity Publishing Gift card.

Winners will picked at random from my FB page, my FB author page, my FB street team page, Manlove and Kink.

Easy question. What makes you happy?

Please leave your email address in your reply. I wont pester you with newsletters. :-)

Bite Me will be available at all the usual e-book retailers on 28 April 2017.

Bite Me release date promotion:
Winners are grinners. Congratulations to:
Gift Card: Patricia Nelson
Her Purr-fect Seduction e-books:
1. Sharon Cox
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Bonus prizes for so many entries.
4. Liz Pawsey
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Patience: An author's best friend.

Patience as a author is one of the things many authors find the hardest. Okay, so you have written a story, polished it within an inch of its life then found a publisher who actually publishes the genre.
You have followed the submission guidelines and what happens next?

1. You receive a rejection within a few days.
2. You hear nothing for about three months and a rejection.
3. You hear nothing for three months maybe four then received a request for the full.
4. Six months goes by and you hear nothing at all....usually time to try a different publisher.

About this time, you experience, worry, anxiousness, and feelings of self-doubt.

Try not to worry and rather use writing another story as a distraction and soon you will have three or more stories all waiting for a lovely publisher to make an offer.

The same goes with agents. Many never contact you, most have a secretary to send a form rejection.

The moral to my story is, keep trying. Very few authors are published, fewer have agents. Some hit gold with their first book, others take time to perfect their craft.

It is pointless looking at other author's success and wishing you had the same "luck". Yes, people can be in the right place at the right time, be the first to have a unique idea for a story but that doesn't make them any better than you.
Keep writing because you want to tell a story. Enjoy what you are doing, learn your craft because no matter what, learning the basics is crucial to success.
Most of all.
Never Give Up.

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Cops ‘n’ Floggers 3

Bad boys, bad boys
After stripping at Safeword, Thorn is abducted by Master Riley, the tall, blond and sexy Dom he noticed in the audience. Taken to a private dungeon, the last thing he expects to find is three sex-starved Doms waiting to punish him.
During a weekend of incredibly erotic multiple partner scenes, Thorn discovers his idea of BDSM was well off base.
Disillusioned with men after his previous Dom betrayed him, he wonders if Master Riley—Mr. Tall, Blond and Sexy, is the one man to make him fly.
Reader Advisory: This Gay Romance series contains scenes of BDSM and hot sexy undercover vice cops out to find their perfect subs


The lights dimmed, and music thumped in a primal beat. A single spotlight lit the stage at the Safeword BDSM club, and Vice Detective Riley Jacob’s mouth went dry.
“You’re not on duty, and this is a private club, so sit the fuck down and feast your eyes.” Del Hood waved him toward a table in the front row. “That sweet thing is Thorn. You’ll need a whip and a chair to tame him, but I think you’re the man for the job. Thorn has trust issues, he needs a Master with patience, and you have the patience of a Saint.”
The stripper sitting center stage unfurled with slow, enticing movements to stand. Unable to breathe Riley’s attention slid over the twink’s angelic features. The spotlight highlighted green eye shadow and lines of kohl around his eyes. Glitter covered his cheekbones and flowed in a path down his neck to circle one flat nipple. Under the strobe lighting, Thorn’s smooth body became a living work of art, each sexy movement, each mind-blowing undulation, and oh-so-slow baring of skin had Riley’s cock straining against his zipper.
His attention fixed on the delicious man. With each beat of the music, Thorn peeled fabric to expose strips of tempting flesh. Riley’s nerve endings sizzled with desire for the man no Dom could tame. Unable to look away, he swallowed the lump in his throat to reply to his friend, “Thanks for convincing me to join Safeword. You know this angel?”
“He sure ain’t no angel. He is a fucking asshole, but his brother is my boy, Danny. I’ll get him to introduce you then Thorn might trust you enough to have a drink with us but take it slow, or he’ll run.”
“I know the type. Tell your boy, his brother will be in safe hands.” Riley chuckled. “Very safe hands.” He dragged in a breath and the rich, spicy scent radiating from the stage spilled over his tongue. Thorn danced as if in a world of his own, and he dragged his gaze away to watch the way the audience reacted. All to a man stared at Thorn with stupid expressions of adoration. He turned back in time to see the last strip of material slide from Thorn’s flesh leaving nothing more than butt floss to hide his engorged shaft. Oh, fuck, he is something special. Sweat ran into his eyes, and his cock ached. He pushed down the desire to snatch Thorn from the stage, take him to his dungeon, and fuck his brains out. Then you’d be lost forever.
He turned back to Hood and grinned. “Go get your boy. I think my meeting with Thorn should be backstage and private—just the four of us. If he is as Dom shy as you say, then you’re both going to have to hang around until he feels okay with me. I have one week’s vacation left to see if he accepts me.”
“Man, do you have him all wrong.” Hood barked a laugh. “That innocent looking ‘angel’ as you put it has a potty mouth, no respect for any of us, and will tell you like it is from the get-go—but if that’s what you want?”
Riley rubbed his chin then met his friend’s eyes. “I have a better idea. Is there a back entrance to this place?”
“Yeah, the stage door opens out onto a back alley. Why?” Hood eyed him with suspicion.
Riley turned around and headed for the foyer, Hood followed close on his heels. “Change of plan.” He turned and winked at his friend. “You know my motto, ‘if it don’t fit force it.’”
“What the fuck do you mean by that?” Hood raised one dark brow and glared at him.
“I’m going to get my car. I need to pick up a special delivery for the dungeon in my basement.”

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